Tuesday, September 12, 2006


How can you be against consensual romance??!

...Apparently The Romance Times is...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I love erotica that make me giggle too...

Off-White Wedding
By Neil Anthony
(from Ruthie's Club - part of the free tour.)

I have a snapshot photo of my fiancée, naked. In desperate times, and they’re not getting any less desperate, I prop up the photo and I masturbate. It’s not a good photo – a snapshot, an amateur job. I have other, better, photos, but she’s clothed in those.

It’s pathetic, but there’s a lot to be said about being pathetic alone. It beats being pathetic in front of 82 people. That’s how many were at the church when my fiancée failed to appear. Waiting with sinking heart, I counted them.

Linda. I wonder where she is, what she’s doing? She remains my fiancée, technically. She never broke it off. We were formally engaged. A notice appeared in the newspaper. At the engagement party for all her friends we set the date for three months hence.

Everything went like clockwork, except Linda didn’t show up at the church. She was late beyond any excuse other than sudden death, and the congregation was restive to the point of mutiny. The organist stopped playing abruptly, and people hissed from a side doorway at me. In the office the awkward, solitary bridesmaid told me Linda had gone away. She didn’t know where. There would be no wedding, today or ever. She didn’t want to get married. I guess she didn’t want to get married to me.

I went back out. “There will be no wedding,” I said. “There’s no point in you remaining. You might as well go home.”

There’s nothing more humiliating than a cliché come to life. Left in the lurch at the church. It was irreparably pathetic.

There’s been no word from Linda. It’s been five weeks since our aborted wedding day. Absence has not made her heart fonder.

We only fucked one time. We both said it would get better.

That last line kills me!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Submission Questions

I found this review of Dance of Submission, and I thought this comment was a bit odd:

"... it would have made the story both more erotic and more interesting had we known, for example, a little more about her new master, or why Willow is keen to help the newcomer Jade when she could become a rival for her master's affections in time, and just how far Willow's own affection for Jade extends."

A bit of context: this story has BDSM themes, and is a romance tale of sexual submission. Jade and Willow are both slaves, and if one is a slave, isn't one's purpose to please Master? So my guess is that is all you need to know about Willow's motivation.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Able To Consent?

With the Teenage Sex Trial in Wichita, I thought it appropriate to review the Sexual Consent Age Laws here in the USA.

While I agree that most teens are not prepared to consent, especially with this country's lack of sex education, I dislike this law for it seems it will only prevent kids from one other avenue of safety.

What do you think?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cool-Whip Fun

Every skilled lover has a set of tricks, things they are good at -- even known for. One of my tricks is Cool-Whip play. Now, many of you will think you know how to play this edible seduction game, but we all can learn a new trick, so here's how I play.

First, you must buy a frozen tub of Cool-Whip. No cans of whipped cream. A tub of Cool-Whip (or it's generic tub equivalent) is what you need. Why my aversion to whipped cream in a can? For one, this easy-spray-way of application is counter-productive to our mission. This is not a neat event. And two, well, you'll see soon enough.

OK, so buy your tub of frozen Cool-Whip. Keep it in the freezer.

Let's say you're going to perform this as an after dinner treat. Then you'd take the tub out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator just before dinner, or approximately 2-3 hours prior to serving up your lover as a tasty dish. There's a reason for this, so no thawing a tub of Cool-Whip out first!

Now, once you've moved him (or her) to bed, and stripped them down, have them wait, naked, for you. Options for this include a some bondage or light restraints -- a blindfold adds to the event too.

Return to the bedroom, carrying the tub, and place it within reach. Lightly kiss and play with your mate first. If they are bound, the anticipation of what you are up to is quite arousing!

(When you are ready to begin, folks with long hair may want to tie it back first, as this does get very messy and as you'll see, it's difficult to remove hair from your eyes when your fingers are covered in Cool-Whip.)

Next, stick your hand into that tub & scoop out some cream. You'll immediately notice that part of the tub is nearly frozen yet -- this is a good thing! Your lover's skin will be warm with arousal, and a giant scoop of semi-frozen Cool-Whip will be shocking -- and then you can delight with your warm, hungry mouth.

I like to begin at the top of what I call Cool-Whip Trail -- the center of the body, from throat to genitals. Quickly scoop on the cream, then slowly lick & suck it off... Repeating as you move down the torso.

I like to build drama, so at the chest, I will move to each nipple, then back to the Cool-Whip Trail, until I reach the belly button. At or near the belly button, I will move down one side, to the thigh. Now thighs are very sensitive as it is, so the cold cream, your hands, your mouth, well, this conbined with the anticipation of what is next will have them writhing for sure now. Take your time! Move to the other thigh -- yes, jump right across to the other leg, for after such a linear approach, this jump is unexpected.

By the time you get to his cock or her pussy, they'll be so hot, that even if you've reached the bottom of the tub of Cool-Whip, where the most frozen parts are, the Cool-Whip will nearly melt upon contact. Nearly. First, there will be a sudden blast of cold, and then, oh yes, then...

This is why you don't thaw it first, see? You want it to be so cold & shocking, to really play with the senses.

Oh yes, then shower together, slowly afterwards... Even if you've each had at least one orgasm and he may not be able to go another round, washing each other is so intimate & fun... You'll return to bed (with clean sheets thrown over the top of the old ones), clean, warm, and relaxed with each other.

Now, go get a tub of frozen Cool-Whip, and have a sticky ol' time.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Orgasm Face

If there's one face we all wear, it's Orgasm Face. Like Morning Face, it's not our most attractive face, but sooner or later, the object of our affections is going to see it. Unlike Morning Face, we may go our entire lives and not see our Orgasm Face, and the partner we desire, and want to desire us, is going to see this face - often, if they are doing their job correctly (if now, why on earth are we still letting him/her screw us?!)

So, here we are, wandering about, putting our best face forward to lure a mate in, and then, whether we want to or not, this mate will see our Orgasm Face. This means, that when you consent to sexual relations, you are also consenting to being seen when you are less than perfect.

I first had this thought when I watched porn star Chloe in a movie this weekend. For years I've been having sex, and I was oblivious to this fact - well, not oblivious to my orgasms, or even the fact that I might be making odd faces, but I really had no idea until I saw Chloe have an intense orgasm. No way she was faking that! If she was faking it, she'd make some sexy, hot face, with a moaning noise slipping past her pouty lips - but no, here she was, grimacing while grinding, cuming while contorting her face.

Now, before any Chloe fans get all upset, let me tell you, I'm not mocking Chloe - I'm simply pointing out that until that moment, I never gave my Orgasm Face any thought.

Self-conscious now, I had to ask my husband if I looked like that - and then, before he could answer I put my hands over his mouth & laughing (but paranoid & in a panic) I told him not to tell me. I turned back to the DVD, and became lost in lust & well, let's just say it was no longer on my mind when I had my multiple a bit later ;)

However, I now wonder what I look like... So, I've become a bit obsessed with faces during orgasm...

If you'd like to check them out as well, I'd start with Beautiful Agony, and then move on to Orgasm: Faces of Ecstasy.

And then let me know if you get enough courage to ask your partner to film you - I'm just about there...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

I don't think that there needs to be consent for fantasies, but just what would Jesus think of a woman lusting about him?

In "Lonesome Valley" she wants Jesus in her breast in a bad way:

"He's got Nails in his hands
He's got nails in his feet
But his dangling meat
Is still OH So Sweet!

Then there's the res-ERECTION..."

You can listen to a clip here. And if your spirit's willin' you may want to buy the CD, which contains many more inappropriate tracks - including sex themes.