Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crossing The Line in Your Mind

I just read this at Naughty Words, and it poses some rather good questions regarding consenting sex, doesn't it?

When is a fantasy, one that lives & is acted upon only in your own mind, no longer safe?

Personally, I find sex with minors & animals off limits because they cannot consent. But what about when it's role play?

Say, I'm in a lil catholic school girl outfit, and you play headmaster? (Or nun, if we wanna swing that way today.) Is this wrong? We are clearly of legal age. We both consent to this. We are not a child, nor using a child, nor of child-like brains diminished to the extent that we cannot consent. So is this to be stopped as well?

I do not condone, do not like - not even to think about, sex with children. But is the removal of stories, of fantasies, is this necessary? Where, o where, is the line?